Rosetta & Philae thrilled science fiction fans

A kiss for the cuddly Rosetta & Philae.

Last weekend was the "SciFi Days" convention held in Rheinland-Pfalz in Grünstadt (Weinstrasse), which brings together science fiction and fantasy fans. Since 2004, this has been an annual central meeting place for fans of all franchises.

The well-known science fiction and space journalist Robert Vogel attended the convention and asked us if he could take a Rosetta/Philae plush toy along with him. He had no doubt about the popularity of the cuddly space duo. “[It] will be a great success, because the small animation movies did a real great job to give a Deep Space probe in a very simple way not only the sense of exploration and adventure, but a lovely personality as well that even a child can relate to. Never in the history of ESA something like this happened before.”

He shared the toy with the convention delegates and captured their reactions. So, what did science fiction fans think of our two space heroes? “Fans of Space Exploration want to show their support of this groundbreaking mission, and what else could be best as this plush toy which is (like the mission itself) close to their heart.”

We think the pictures speak for themselves: whether fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Perry Rhodan or Guardians of the Galaxy, everybody loves Rosetta!