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Emplyees ECMWF

Employees ECMWF

New Employee Recruitment at the ECMWF

Weather forecasts and earth observation—these are the primary objectives of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). To be able to meet these objectives, they need the support of young, motivated scientists. Design & Data accompanied ECMWF employees on their daily business and created six testimonial films to provide potential employees an insight into the exciting challenges at the ECMWF.

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Motion- & Logodesign-Showreel

To befittingly relaunch our newly revamped YouTube channel, we put together a Motion & Design Showreel to highlight some of the best projects of the last year.

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Global Market Leader ECMWF

Global Market Leader ECWMF

A weather map is an everyday tool for most of us. But the science which makes it possible, is anything but everyday. It requires the talented minds of a lot competent scientists – like the ones at the ECWMF. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECWMF) is the global market leader in numerical weather forecasts. They always look for better ways to forecast the weather. We present such weather experts in our new video.

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ECMWF predicts the weather.

Precise weather forecast with a super computer

Design & Data produced an animated clip for the "European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts" – short: ECMWF. The minute-long film visualizes the mechanism whereby the organisation creates accurate weather predictions.

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Der ECMWF-Trailer

Der ECMWF-Trailer

Der Trailer für die Wetterzentrale

Für das ECMWF, das Europäisches Zentrum für mittelfristige Wettervorhersagen, erstellte Design & Data einen fast dreiminütigen Trailer. Zuschauer erhalten damit auf leicht verständliche Weise einen Überblick über das Arbeitsfeld der internationalen Organisation.

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