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Spaceoneers – new look website

Credit: Design & Data GmbH

Spaceoneers – new look website

Since we launched the concept of ‘Spaceoneers’ we have been interacting with the new space community, to find out how startup founders got started, what motivates them and what trends and technologies they think will affect their business models in the near future. After a successful test phase, we are pleased to reveal the new design of our site.

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Spaceoneers logo

Spaceoneers – a new website about space pioneers

Design & Data is excited to launch a new website. “Spaceoneers” takes a look at space pioneers – those who have pushed the boundaries of what is technically possible in the space sector, as well as the startups and new technologies that are set to disrupt the sector even further.

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WFB Report

Front page of summary report.

Bremen Space Tour: Summary Report

We are pleased to be able to share the summary report of the successful Bremen Space Tour of the USA.

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