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Material Labs

Credit: ESA

Behind-the-scenes at ESA’s Material Labs

Have you ever wanted to find out how ESA’s missions are made space-worthy? In a new series of videos we produced for ESA, follow the “real CSI” for space as we take a close-up look at ESA’s Materials & Electrical Components Laboratory. See how these “space detectives” solve real scientific problems with materials to ensure issues do not occur on future space missions.

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German Space Exhibition

German Space Exhibition

ISS-documentary for Space Exibition

For the German Space Exhibition in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, Design & Data created a 30-minute film documentary about the International Space Station ISS.
It shows the elaborate preparations necessary for the start of a carrier rocket, the astronauts‘ training and their daily life in space. All of this shown with exciting, fascinating video footage from the ESA archive.

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Science & Technology Facilities Council

Science & Technology Facilities Council

Adventure STFC

Auerbach once said “An idea must be able to become reality, lest it is nothing but a soap bubble”. There is a lot of truth to this sentence – especially for start-ups. Many start-ups have fantastic ideas. However, they often lack the means for their implementation. The Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of the Science & Facilities Council (STFC) supports these companies in realising their ideas. We went to the grounds of the BIC in Harwell, Oxford for a video shoot and experienced quite a lot during this visit.

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Emplyees ECMWF

Employees ECMWF

New Employee Recruitment at the ECMWF

Weather forecasts and earth observation—these are the primary objectives of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). To be able to meet these objectives, they need the support of young, motivated scientists. Design & Data accompanied ECMWF employees on their daily business and created six testimonial films to provide potential employees an insight into the exciting challenges at the ECMWF.

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Starsensor product videos

We have cooperated on many occasions with the space flight company Jena-Optronik GmbH. The starsensors belong to their highlight products. This product line was already highlighted by us in a video produced in 2011. In this film various experts of Jena-Optronik described the production cycle of a starsensor in great detail. The latest trailer videos showcase the complete range of Jena-Optronik products.

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ESTEC – from its most beautiful side

The second film about an ESA location has been rendered and uploaded: This time we’re showing the research centre ESTEC in the Netherlands from its sunniest side. And the short trailer gets you into the mood to travel to the beautiful beach of the North Sea, not only because there’s a golf course nearby.

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